Mr Verma lives with his family in a palatial residence which he calls 'Dharam Nivas' While his elder son, Bharat, takes after his father, the younger son Jaganath, is impious and unrestrained and thus is a thorn in his father's flesh. Mr. Verma disowns Jagan. Jagan walks out, swearing revenge to Bharat and his family's next generation. Years later, after his father's death, Jagan puts his revenge plans into action, supported by his sons, Raghunath and Rocky. Raghu falsely frames Bharat's eldest son, A.C.P. Avinash, for murder. Avinash is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. To protect his then little brother Vicky, Avinash begs his wife, Mamta to tell Vicky that he is dead and to live as a widow while she raises him. Vicky loves Mamta more than anything else and has only one ambition in life: to get 'Dharam Nivas' back for her. In order to fulfill his desire, Vicky starts working for Raghu. He thus becomes a token in Jagan's merciless revengeful plan.

Genre : Drama Language : Hindi