Deewane Huye Paagal

Deewane Huye Pagal is a love story of college mates Karan(Shahid Kapoor) and Natasha Mulchandani(Rimi Sen). Natasha is an established singer and dancer in Dubai, U.A.E., and lives a comfortable lifestyle with her challenged brother, Gullu, aunt, Sweety, and a puppy by the name of Jayantilal. Gullu suddenly passes away and in his place enters Tommy, who was run over by Natasha's car, becomes physically and mentally challenged and is taken in by a guilt-ridden Natasha. Natasha and Raj Sinha are in love with each other and want to get married, however, a handicapped friend of Natasha, Sanju Malwani, cautions Natasha that Raj is a drug smuggler, and as a result Natasha refuses to see Raj anymore. Then romance enters Natasha's life in the shape and form of Rocky Hiranandani, an Architect. But Sanju again warns her that Rocky is a fraud and not an architect. When questioned Rocky admits that he is a Navy Captain, which is accepted by Natasha. Then Natasha's life changes when another young man enters her life, a young man she had known as Karan in her college days, who used to study and work in the cafeteria. The only problem is that Tommy, Rocky, Sanju, and a blind man hate Karan. There is also a fifth admirer of Natasha namely Sunny Khurana, also from her college days in Bombay, who will do anything to get married to her. The only similarity between Sunny and Karan is that they know her as Tanya, a young woman who suddenly left Bombay and settled in Dubai for unknown reasons. None of her admirers know that Tanya has changed her name in order to hide a secret - a secret that an underworld Don by the name of Khurana would kill to get his hands on.

Genre : Romance,comedy Language : Hindi