Pasha (Amrish Puri) a criminal is sent to jail. He calls for his best man Jaikishan aka Jackie Dada (Jackie Shroff) to free him from jail. Jackie meets the police commissioner Shrikanth Mathur (Shammi Kapoor) regarding this matter but his effort goes futile. He then, kidnaps Shrikanth’s daughter Radha (Meenakshi Seshadri) by lying as he is a police officer in order to succeed in his objective. In her days of captivation Radha and Jackie fall for each other. Radha discovers Jackie’s truth but does not leave his side. She convinces him to surrender in front of the law. Radha confronts her elder brother Daamodar (Sanjeev Kumar) about her affair with Jackie. Daamodar sets up an act with his Jimmy (Shakti Kapoor) who is actually a drug dealer, so as stall Shrikanth from getting Radha married to somebody else. Pasha seeks to take revenge on Shrikanth and Jackie for their doings and kidnaps Radha. Jackie rescues Radha and they are finally united.

Genre : Action Language : Hindi