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Asaa Mee Tasa Mee - Episode 57 - Full Episode

About the show

'Asaa Mee Tasaa Mee' is about Chakor (Bharat Jadhav), who takes on the behaviour of the person whose blood is donated to him. Chakor lives with Anna Malwankar (Vijay Chauhan) who is his deceased father's best friend. Anna takes care of Chakor no matter what. Shakuntala (Nayantara) is Anna's wife and does not like Chakor at all. Chakori (Kavita Mrndhekar) , Anna's daughter, is in love with Chakor but her mother plans to marry her off to some rich guy. Chakor suffers from a strange malady wherein he has to be given blood from a donor or he freezes. However, Chakor takes on the character of the person donating blood to him. What follows then is a hilarious journey of Chakor acting as different personalities from a policeman to a bandit and Anna and Chakori trying to control him.

Serial: Asaa Mee Tasa Mee
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 57
Available on: